Puppy Class Part One


The priorities of this class are for puppies to gain the socialization they need during this crucial stage of development, and to learn basic obedience and manners that are beneficial to everyday life. Our Puppy group classes are known for their "fun and games" approach for both puppies and their people. The majority of this class is conducted off-leash with many short training sessions throughout, and lots of open play in the interim. An off-leash class allows puppies to teach each other bite inhibition and gain vital socialization skills while owners practice effective communication and learn how to control their puppy in a high distraction setting.

Behaviors Taught Include:

✓  Sit
✓  Down
✓  Leave it/Take it
✓  Roll Over
✓  Come When Called
✓  Loose Leash Walking
✓  Name Recognition
✓  Handling
✓  Impulse Control


  • For puppies 8-20 weeks.

  • Puppies should have had at least two rounds of vaccines and a negative fecal test.

  • For dogs of any size, breed or mix.

  • Classes are limited to 8 puppies to ensure personalized attention.

  • The course fee is $210 for 6 consecutive, one hour classes (unless otherwise noted due to a holiday).

Puppy Class Part One (6 weeks)

Start DateSkip DatesEnd DateDayStart TimeEnd TimePriceStatus
April 6th NoneMay 11thSaturday1:15 PM2:15 PM$210FULL
April 15thNoneMay 20thMonday6:30 PM7:30 PM$210FULL
April 20thMay 25thJune 1stSaturday2:30 PM3:30 PM$210Still Enrolling!
May 4thMay 25thJune 15thSaturday10:45 AM11:45 PM$210Still Enrolling!
May 18thMay 25thJune 29thSaturday1:15 PM2:15 PM$210Still Enrolling!