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Welcome to Houston’s most unique dog training and enrichment center where creating constant, lifelong learning opportunities for you and your dog is our one and only priority. We don’t believe that the training and development of your dog should be an afterthought or add-on. Training your dog is our passion and our purpose.  It’s what we do.


At Believe in DOG Training, we practice positive, science based methods (with feeling!) that emphasize communication, mutual respect, consistency, and real-life training. We believe that methods that focus on dominance, punishment and/or tools that cause pain, are outdated, can do more harm than good, and are never necessary. The most effective way to teach and motivate dogs is with rewards such as praise, play, affection, and/or intermittent treats. Our techniques will help you create an invaluable bond with your dog that will last a lifetime.

Visit us at our Canine Training and Enrichment Center in the Heights!

 1029 W. 26th St. Houston, TX 77008


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Dog & Puppy Training

Behavior Modification, Customized Private Lessons, and Group Classes

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Special Services

Socials, Specialty Workshops, Skills Clinics and Educational Seminars


See what all that tail wagging is about!

"My hope in writing this review is that if you have a leash reactive dog, I want to encourage you and let you know that there is hope!"

"Stephanie has made sure that my dog, Aki, continues to enjoy every training session. He is so excited, whenever he sees her, because he has no idea that he is training. He’s just having a great time."

"If someone says, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” they haven’t met Stephanie Bennett."

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