"Stephanie has made sure that my dog, Aki, enjoys every training session. He is so excited, whenever he sees her, because he has no idea he is training. He's just having a great time."

When I got my new puppy from a rescue, I made the resolution that “this” dog (as opposed to my poorly trained previous dogs) was going to be well-trained. I received a number of recommendations for trainers from friends, but I made my selection when I learned about Stephanie Bennett’s philosophy/curriculum of positive reward, science-based training. It follows current training philosophies, is not punitive, and makes perfect sense. But, of course, the test was if it worked. Aki and I have now gone through multiple training courses and adventure classes under Stephanie’s training plan.  I’m so happy to say that, “YES”, her training style is exactly what I was hoping to find. Not only has the training been effective in helping my dog become well-behaved, but more importantly, Stephanie has made sure that my dog, Aki, continues to enjoy every training session. He is so excited, whenever he sees her, because he has no idea that he is training. He’s just having a great time. But at the end of the session, we always accomplish something. Like all good teachers, she’s innovative and creative in developing her training programs. She doesn’t force a “one-size, fits all” approach to every dog, but rather makes sure that his training is tailored to incorporate the strengths of both his and my personalities, which helps to ensure that our goals are achievable. And once we learn the basics, she offers supervised opportunities that allow him to practice his skills in “real life” situations. If you want to have an effective, positive, and enjoyable training experience for both you and your dog, Stephanie Bennett’s Believe in DOG Training is the perfect place for you and your dog. 

- Amy Ridall

Afton Baily Griffin