Our Socials are off-leash playtimes designed to give the dogs an opportunity to run free & play in a safe, structured environment. Unlike the dog park, you won’t have to worry about inclement weather, unvaccinated dogs, or inappropriate dogs and/or people.

Note: Socials are for established clients only. We like to know every dog that enters into our socials to ensure each dog is appropriate to attend.

The Socials will be supervised by a certified professional dog trainer that will help owners learn how to properly mediate their dogs during group play, answer questions, and ensure a safe and positive learning environment for all. 

They will continue to be scheduled on Fridays throughout September 13th; at which time they will move to Sunday afternoons.

Friday Night Socials:

  • Small/Medium Dog & Puppy Social

    • 6:15pm to 7pm

  • Large Dog & Puppy Social

    • 7:15pm to 8pm

The cost is $15 per dog for Small/Medium Dog Social and $20 for Large Dog Socials


· Please pre-register through your ProPet profile at least 24 hours prior to the time of the social.  This ensures that we are prepared and that there will be fellow pups to play with!    

· Cancellations will be determined on pre-enrollment numbers ~12 hours prior to the scheduled date and time. 

· Space is limited to ensure appropriate trainer supervision and assistance is provided.


How do I know if my dog a good fit for socials?
Socials are designed for dog and human friendly, well-socialized dogs, as well as puppies who are learning how to be part of the social scene.  They are NOT to test your dog's sociability or improve dogs with play skill deficits or behavior issues. 

How do I know if my dog is well-socialized?
A social dog is one who already enjoys playing with other dogs at classes, daycare, playdates, or parks. A social dog is interested in other dogs, will accept correction from another dog (which tends to occur if play heats up, is getting rough for one player, or a dog rudely greets another dog), is able to modify approach and play style to make other dogs feel comfortable.  
If your dog is shy or fearful, email us first.  Play can be a great way to help that wallflower bloom.  You MUST receive approval prior to attending. 

Can I bring my family and friends?

The more the merrier!  We do ask that you read the social rules and etiquette to ensure everyone in your group is on the same page and ready to have fun.

May my child attend?  

Children under 10 are not allowed at socials.  Well behaved children 10 and over are welcome.  Children must be kept close, supervised and always respectful of owners wishes for interactions with their dogs.


Requirements & Details:

· Dogs must be established training clients of BIDT

· Puppies (<5 months) must provide proof of at least two rounds of vaccines and a negative fecal test.

· Puppies from shelters or rescue organizations must have been in the owner’s possession for at least 2 weeks.

· Puppies must have been examined by a local veterinarian and received at least one round of vaccines from the same clinic. 

· Adult dogs (> 5 months) must provide proof of Rabies, DHLLPP/DA2P, and Bordetella vaccines.

· Upload your pup’s current vaccination records prior to attending. If we do not have them on file or you do not bring them, we cannot admit your pup into the social.

· We prefer that all dogs ages 7 months to be spayed or neutered to attend. Exceptions may be made at our discretion.  You MUST receive approval prior to attending

· Dogs must be dog and people friendly


· Believe in DOG Training, LLC has the right to disallow any dog, puppy or human from attending any social. Not all dogs enjoy social interactions and others need assistance learning social skills.

· Limit 2 dogs per adult* handler.  (*min. 18 yrs old)

· No human food allowed.  Drinks in non-breakable containers are allowed.

· Dog treats are allowed and utilized frequently to promote quality play and impulse control.   

· Owners must stay in the room with their dog.

· Owners must have eyes on their dog at all times.  This is interactive dog-and-you time!

·  Owners must clean up after their dog using the provided cleaning supplies.

· Owners are responsible for their dog's behavior.  Unsocial behavior will not be tolerated from dogs or their people.   

· A certified trainer is available to monitor, assist and give guidance for specific behaviors, e.g. how to interrupt, redirect and continue safe friendly interactions.

· Failure to follow the trainer's guides to ensure safe play for the group will result in expulsion.