Pet Deli Bully Stick

Pet Deli Bully Stick

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Pet Deli bully sticks are a long-lasting, nutritious and healthy chew for puppies and adult dogs. These sticks are USDA approved and are processed locally from free-range livestock, guaranteeing them to be of the highest quality. Pet Deli bully sticks are 100% natural and digestible, in contrast to chemically-treated rawhide that can take ages to digest! 

Your dog was born with a natural urge to chew and gnaw, and as part of the normal behavioral repertoire, any inappropriate or destructive chewing is simply a mismanagement problem. It is not a matter of teaching your puppy not to chew, but rather what to chew! Pet Deli bully sticks are the ultimate life-saver when it comes to uncontrollable puppy teething.

Available in 6" and 12" sizes. 

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