Intro to Nose Work

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and a natural desire to hunt.  This class focuses on teaching you how to encourage and develop your dog’s natural scenting abilities by using their desire to hunt and their love of toys, food and exercise.  It’s a great class for your dog to have fun, build confidence, and burn lots of mental and physical energy and to find out just how good is your dog’s nose.

All dogs work one at a time and will be crated during their down time. It is helpful if the dog already has a strong desire to play with toys, but it is not required. This class is a great for newly adopted dogs and helps them become more confident in new environments.   The Intro to Nose Work class can be repeated many times as the level of difficulty will be adjusted as the dog gains better skills. Its also a great class for dogs that need a lot of mental and physical stimulation but have a hard time in classes with other dogs. They will have an opportunity to build confidence in new environments and work around obstacles without the stress of interactions with other dogs.


  • Dogs must be capable of handling confinement during the class, either crated away from their handlers or in a properly equipped vehicle.  

  • No dogs with any aggression towards people.    


  • Must have completed at least one of the following classes or packages:

    • Puppy Class Part 2, Intermediate Obedience, Puppy Day School Package of 10 or 20, or Private Lesson Package of 3


  • Proof of Rabies, DHLPP/DA2P, and Bordetella